Among Us Poster for Gamers

"Among Us" is a poster that captures the diversity of gamers and gaming culture. It is created by Jane Ng, a Singaporean designer. The poster depicts a diverse set of characters in the video game world with their respective diversity represented by different body types, skin tones, and attire.

The project was inspired by Ng’s experiences as a member of the queer gaming community. She wanted to create something that would not only show people what gaming looked like but also challenge perceptions about it. The result was a beautiful photo-based poster which has received over 70 000 likes on Facebook in just six months.

What is among us game?

Among Us is a game that helps players to explore their personal biases and then combat them. The game is powered by a storytelling tool which can be used to create stories that allow players to explore their values and learn about the world.

The story elements of Among Us are designed with the idea that storytelling can help people find out about themselves, challenge their beliefs, find community, and feel better about themselves.

A4 Personalised Among Us Themed NAME Print Poster

A4 Personalised Among Us Themed NAME Print Poster is perfect for every room of your home.

The big A4 poster print can be personalised with a name of your choice and there are plenty of ways to make it more personalised. There are various motifs and graphic design styles that can make the poster look different from the usual.

The A4 poster print is perfect for the living room, bedroom, study or office.

McD*cks | Among Us Themed Poster

McD cks is a perfect example of the difference between having a leader who is brave enough to forge ahead and make decisions and those who are content to remain in their comfort zone, afraid of change.

In our world, all people can be leaders. Whether it's your boss or your colleague, you have the power to shape your organization to be more like McD cks--where everyone can be entrepreneurial, where there's an emphasis on collaboration and team building. In this section of the poster, we've illustrated examples of people that have taken it upon themselves to be leaders in their respective organizations--from organizational change agents to new-school entrepreneurs.

We've also included a few poignant quotes in this section that show what's possible when you stand up for what you believe in.


PRINTABL Among Us BINGO Game is a game for creativity and imagination. Players take turns to predict what the next word on the card will be.

The game helps you think outside the box and has a wide range of vocabulary words to use. It also has instructions, so players can play by themselves or with their friends.

Would you like to have fun while learning new words? This game is perfect for people who enjoy playing word games.

Among Us Intro Video Game Imposter Sus banner tapestry flag poster

In the real world, a banner tapestry flag poster is an item that is used to display a large flag. In the game, they are in-game currency that can be bought with real money. When players need coins, they can purchase it with real cash or play the game and collect them.

Players who have been playing for a while have amassed hundreds of thousands of coins. There are some players who own billions of coins and spend hours after hours playing this game to make sure they maintain their position at the top of their leaderboard.

This banner tapestry flag poster is an item that can be bought with either cash or in-game currency called Us Coins. The banner's design has history behind it because it was designed to represent America during World War II when Japanese